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Don't take it from's what our clients and fans are saying.



My name is Amber Fullmer - my husband and I own Amber's Olive Company in Anchorage, Alaska.


We opened our store in November 2012 and have used Alaska Impact Marketing since October 2012. Jamie Miller has not only done exactly what he said he would contractually, he has gone above and beyond in every way possible. Jamie is always a phone call or text message away if needed. He stops in to make face to face contact regularly. He reminds me regularly to keep up with specials and postings to allow him to advertise and promote our business.


Jamie and his team have helped us brainstorm specials and incentives, design advertisements and has beat every competitors offer in price and quality. He routinely introduces us to other business owners- he really has built a community of business owners who all support each other in cross-merchandising, events and charity work.


I can honestly say AIM has been a driving force behind our success in the community. I cannot imagine trusting our image with anyone else.


Amber Fullmer




Kristin G. — 5* This community driven business is so wonderful, everytime the community needs to get the word out the gang at Anchorage Night Out are there. We love it... Thank you Anchorage Night Out you guys are awesome.


Amber E. — 5* Great idea. Great Events. Great People. Love this app.


Rochelle M. C. — 5* Great information! Much better than searching the web for something to do. This isn't all over the place and can find many things to do on one page!


Marisa A.-G. — 5* What they provide is amazing. It gives you an excuse to go check out what Anchorage has to offer! Good luck everyone and thanks Anchoragenightout!


Skie R. R. — 4* I love this page because it's so much better than trying ask around or google something to do! It also gives out some awesome deals :-)


Matt S. — 5* Good place to get information about what's going on. Thnx guys


Jen H. — 5* This page is awesome. Not only are the give aways spot on, I learn about what's going on and new businesses. Keep up the great work


Brandon T. — 5* Love that they provide busy Alaskans with what's happening and also give people opportunities to do something they might not be able to without them!!



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